A simple simulation game about trying to survive alone on your personal spaceship on your way to your new home. To survive you need to keep your body and mind in good shape so that you can keep the disturbingly manual power generator going (it's basically a human hamster wheel). If your ship runs out of power you will die...

Try to come out on the other side better than you went in!

This idea is 100% ripped off from CGP Grey's great Youtube video about surviving the lockdown.

Objective: Survive to the end of day 30 to win.


  • Mouse: Move cursor
  • LMB: Select
  • RMB: Cancel
  • ENTER+arrows: Options menu (you can disable sound / music)

Known Bugs

  • If your mind level gets very low you might be blocked from watching net.me.tube.+ if the gain is more than you have room for. For this reason the Fitness Freak starting setup is not recommended at the moment.

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